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Pep Guardiola Press Conference Excerpts - Manchester City boss' fiery reaction after CAS Verdict

Pep came out for his regular pre-match Press Conference before the game vs Bournemouth on Wednesday, and did not hold back against the "elites" who expressed their displeasure at the CAS Decision. Here are the excerpt's from City boss' conference -

By MCDSC Editorial Team

"I’m incredibly happy for the decision. It shows everything that people said about the club was not true. We will defend on the pitch what we won on the pitch."

"Like I said many times, if we did something wrong we would accept the decision of UEFA and CAS because we did something wrong. We can defend ourselves. We have the right to defend ourselves when we believe what we have done is correct."

"If we had broken FFP, we would have been banned but we have to defend ourselves - we were right. People said we were cheating, lying and the presumption of innocence was not there. When we were proved right we were incredibly happy."

"But we have the right to defend when we believe what we have done is correct and three independent judges said this. Today is a good day, yesterday was a good day for football because we play by the same rules as all the clubs in Europe."

Pep Guardiola reacting to Mourinho/Klopp:

"We should be apologised to because if we did something wrong we will accept the decision from UEFA because we did something wrong but we don’t expect Liverpool, Tottenham, Arsenal, Chelsea or Wolves to defend us..."

"It would be nice but I don't think so [people now stopping saying negative things about Man City]"

Pep Guardiola on rivals 'whispering' about Man City:

"They lost off the pitch. They have to go on the pitch and try to beat us. If we did something wrong, I accept our ban. They showed we played by the same rules of all the clubs."

"We can play in the Champions League next season because what we have done is right. They have to accept it, go on the pitch and play against us."

Pep Guardiola on staying at Man City beyond 2021:

"My opinion hasn’t changed. Maybe I would be able to stay longer but people cannot understand how difficult it was for everyone as a club being under suspicion. Now we have proven it, we go again on the pitch."

Pep Guardiola on his future:

"Now is not the time. We have one month in front of us. One year for a manager is a long time and the decisions we thought to do before the sentence was quite similar now. I was happy before and now. We have time to talk."

(Pep Guardiola had earlier said he would have stayed at Man City even if they had been relegated to League Two.)

Pep Guardiola on Javier Tebas:

"He’s another one. He must be so jealous of the Premier League."

"He’s an incredible legal expert from what I say, maybe next time I’ll ask them which court and judges we have to go to. He has to be worried and concerned about La Liga and focus on there..."

"Normally when the sentence is good for him it is perfect, but when it is against the problem is for the other ones. We will be in the Champions League next season, Senor Tebas, because what we did we did it properly."

Pep on Elite Clubs who went against City:

“I know for the elite clubs like [Manchester] United, Liverpool, and Arsenal it is uncomfortable for them. We don’t have to ask for permission to be there. We deserve to be there. Guys - accept it."

"This club tried for the whole history, at Maine Road or without heroes like Colin Bell or Mike Summerbee, the legends that we have had, we have done our best to do it on the pitch. We deserve to be stronger year by year..."

"There are incredible people in this organisation working to make us better. When we lose, I will shake my hands and congratulate them but all the time we have done. Guys, accept it. We want to be here and we tried..."

Pep's Final Message:

"Sometimes we win, sometimes not but they have to understand it. Don’t whisper and go behind our backs, do it on the pitch."

“People cannot forget, we were damaged, our prestige and our reputation was damaged, by allegations that are not true. The other ones shouldn’t say much more on this.”

Our Thoughts

Its clearly the World against Manchester City right now, with the so called elites of the European Football not liking the CAS Verdict at all. But Pep's reaction and City's approach is a clear indication that the Club will not sit back and take the abuse. Just like we do on the pitch, the Club will fight for its name and honor everywhere. We reached here with dedication, hard work and by complying with all the rules. We deserve to be where we are, and no unfair or corrupt organization or union of clubs can stop us now.

We wish for the Club to go all out and get that Champions League Trophy, and shut these whining mouths on the pitch!

Watch full video of Pep's press conference here


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