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My Man City Fan Journey ft. Siddharth Madhwal

Haven’t we all grown up following some football club or league, declaring ourselves their die-hard fans, copying the hairstyle of their star player or just spending all our saved up pennies so that we can buy ourselves that jersey we have been eyeing....

To me there is probably nothing more exciting and engaging than supporting and cheering your club through all the highs and lows of this brilliant game! And when you happen to be a Manchester City supporter it gets all the more thrilling.

Growing up, I barely was exposed to football as a sport, it was more of game that was played by a select few and I didn’t really get around to watching it or following the various clubs and leagues that were springing up. Cricket was my go-to sport and as an Indian, our men in blue were my gods.

Then one day out of the blue something changed- I was getting home from my university and had just grabbed a seat on the metro when I overheard a bunch of boys seated next to me really animatedly discussing the historic win of a football club at the Premier League. From what I understood then, it was a majestic moment at the field that got them their trophy and the subsequent crazy fandom! Curious I Googled whatever information I had overheard and the clip I came upon had a rather unfathomable effect on me, something that I could not grasp in those second, the name Agueroooo echoing in my ears and that’s how my journey with the Manchester City began.

Since that chance encounter with the game that day, I started following the sport, Manchester City’s players and their struggles, strategies adopted by their managers and all the stories and controversies that surrounded them. I became hooked on to the game and soon became an official member of the Manchester City Delhi Supporters Club.

Our supporters club is now an integral part of my life; here we screen the big games, organize quizzes, debates-all in an endeavor to stay connected with our passion! Engaging with the game and the club has also helped me tide over some extremely low points in my life. Waking up every weekend to go play with the fellow supporters, sweating it out in the practice field is something I look forward to and deeply miss in this time of the national lockdown.

I now just wait patiently for the games to resume, our practice sessions to start again so that once again We can watch the matches together, in the same room, chanting BLUE MOON. [Follow Manchester City Delhi Supporters Club on Twitter and Instagram for more such fan stories]

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