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The club has found a home in the heart of 25-year-old Bhavya Mamgain, who is from New Delhi, India. The passionate City fan has been watching the beautiful game for just over ten years and his allegiance was decided after he formed a special bond with two City legends - Vincent Kompany and Pablo Zabaleta. “It’s hard to point at any single moment which made me fall in love with City,” he revealed. “Football wasn't that popular in India in 2010, when I started watching it.

“It’s hard to even remember the first City game I watched but I do remember Vinny and Zaba being my first heroes,” he admitted. “The way they played every second of the game with passion was one thing I always loved and admired about them.

“It’s only fair that my transition from a casual football fan to someone so emotionally invested into City was led by two players who went on to become City legends, loved by every single City fan and respected by the entire football fraternity.”

Bhavya, who plays a big part in promoting City in his country by helping with the Manchester City Delhi Supporters Club, is understandably missing his City heroes due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but revealed that he feels more involved with the club as ever.

“Football for sure is a huge miss right now but it’s what the situation demands. But ironically, I’m investing more time into Manchester City now than when the football was actually on.

“In addition to running the Twitter handle of Manchester City Delhi Supporters Club (MCDSC), I’m also helping in conducting a daily quiz competition for the official members of MCDSC.

“Preparing so many questions daily has not only helped me in improving my knowledge of City, but has also given me a chance to help others too.

“Then you obviously have City+ to watch the classic games as well. So as much as I want to see City live again ASAP, there hasn’t been any shortage of City dose in my daily life.”

Bhavya may live more than 4,000 miles away from our famous Etihad Stadium in Manchester, but that’s not stopping him from keenly following the club and encouraging others to do the same.

India is a country famous for cricket, but the 25-year-old clearly wants to see more of his compatriots follow football and especially, Manchester City. “I would certainly encourage them to watch football. I encourage the older ones to do that as well,” he revealed.

"I’m sure we are already seeing the younger generation following City more and more with each passing day. And it’s not hard to see why!

“Be it the fans who supported the club through thick or thin or the legends City have seen in the last decade, the fight and character this team has shown on the pitch again and again or the club itself, that have been showing their class right throughout this pandemic. “The younger fans don’t even need any encouragement but I’d make sure to put in a word for City!”

[This article was originally published on Manchester City's Official Website]