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A Tribute and a throwback to the journey of arguably the best player to ever don a sky blue jersey, our El Mago!

David Silva signed for Manchester City on 30th June 2010

By Jaidev Tripathy

2010. Saturday. White Hart Lane.

Manchester City, a team in stark transition, kicked off their Premier League campaign here. Besides my growing support for the Sky Blues, my eyes were set on a particular individual whose highlights I devoured ever since his country won the World Cup. A newly signed Manchester City player -David Silva. Yes, the game played out to a 0-0 borefest with an unmemorable attacking presence or flair. David didn’t see much of the ball either. But on the occasions he did, reminded me of a remarkably silly quote from my football coach in the amateur football after school sessions I had signed up for back then. He said, “Treat the ball as your girlfriend. Fall in love with her and treasure her. Take care of her. Just don’t let the opposition get to her.”, making us kids snigger with due context back then. But on this late Saturday afternoon, watching Silva with the ball that day resulted in a vehement entry of those very words recited as if suddenly witnessing the coach’s statement come to life in a football game. A mastermind Silva was, taking care of that ball on the pitch like his very own, nurturing it patiently while waiting for teammates to arrive in space. This simple feat in itself felt rare, alluring enough to keep me excited for more in the games to come.

Fast forward to the present, where David Silva is finally recognized as one of the finest figures in Premier League football by those witnessing his skill on the football field, quiet validating the sky-blue fans for their continuous appreciation for the Spaniard his whole City career. The Magician, Merlin, El Mago are some of the nicknames referring directly to him, all embodying exactly what the player displays on the football pitch -- just pure dazzling magic.

Bound to approach the latter stages of his career at the age of 34, football supporters are attuned to an understanding that all good things come to an end. Despite it, one could feel the collective sinking sensation transitioning to poignant realization upon reading official statements, interviews and articles. David Silva was finally in close vicinity to the finish-line ribbon for Manchester City at the end of the season, awaiting his touch. Even though the media’s attempts to deafen the impact came with rightful acknowledgments of his decade-long wizardry in the Premier League, the news never fails to hit the long-term Manchester City and Spanish midfielder’s fans with a visceral blow. While undoubtedly possessing the maturity of a 34-year-old, the elegance coupled with his identifiable short stature and bushy hair on the pitch made the no. 21 hold a youthful exuberance as if always in his prime and never aging. It is tough to register his departure from the City family.


A middle-class family man reigning from Gran Canaria, the Spanish touch works in rightful favor of Pep’s current tiki-taka system. In fact, the Spaniard has been in Guardiola’s radar after Unai Emery (Silva’s manager at Valencia) recommended him as a perfect fit for the coach’s Barcelona team. Quite ironically with respect to contemporary football business and David Silva’s ball-playing abilities, Guardiola found the£24mprice-tag too expensive for his club. And 6 years later, the mastermind coach himself looked forward to coach a mastermind player, the story turning full circle. Heavily inspired by former Swansea manager Michael Laudrup and Gran Canarian midfielder Juan Carlos Valeron, he regularly played amongst boys elder than him. The roughness, toughness and upgraded physicality made him resort to a more intelligent approach of space-making and play-making; traits proving useful in the physical nature of the Premier League in England. (The official Man City documentary ‘Made in Gran Canaria’ explores his early rise, development and experiences which shaped him as a player for City – visit mancity.com/City+ to watch the whole documentary)

This article though is City-centric, wherein it depicts a journey, in parallel with the club’s ascend into English football dominance, thereby safely concluding he was the prime focal point for this propelling success. The article looks at Silva’s impact for our club and the traits which make him stand out, not only serving as a celebratory remembrance but also as impact analysis of an intelligent footballing brain for a club like Manchester City – a perfect fit.

Season 10/11

Under Roberto Mancini’s reign, he switched between a winger and a trequartista, allowing him to drift into spaces left, right and centre in a more dynamic fashion, which the no. 21 successfully did while establishing a fine rapport with Carlos Tevez. And after all, THIS goal to mark his first one in the Premier League gave a cue that there was plenty to unpack from this Spanish package.

He notched 14 assists and 6 goals in all competitions in that season.

Season 11/12

It was in 2011, when Mancini’s boys in blue upgraded into beast mode - doses of motivation injected in their blue blood. And David Silva was the hub of everything creative on the pitch. Aside from an impressive 17 assists and 6 goals in the Premier League, it was him dictating the game and changing the momentum of offence within a split second which was so alluring, leaving opposition defenders scrambling back to their positions in confusing states. While doing so, he established a fine rapport with Sergio Aguero (Silva did seem to bond well with Argentines on the pitch). From combining together against Swansea in a 4-0 rout to carving the Wigan defence like a hot knife against butter, Aguero and Silva established what would be one of the most consistent pairings of English football.

2011. Sunday. Old Trafford

The noisy neighbors cranked the volume up so high that it shattered the fortress walls of the Red Devils mighty home. Our Merlin was in the thick of the action, establishing his midfield prowess not just for Aguero but for the whole team. Before the goal-fest, David produced a mazy dribble inside the box, twisting and turning against a barricade of 4 Manchester United players which signified confidence indicating a threatening alarm for the opposition. He created Mario Balotelli’s infamous ‘Why Always Me?’ goal, and in the second half orchestrated the second and third goals to take the game away from the red side of Manchester. But who knew that was just half of the frenzy because thank heavens David didn’t get subbed off before stoppage time.

The 4th goal, a result of his corner taken, ended up in the back of the net courtesy of Lescott and Dzeko, while pushing a self-destruct button for United. From there on, the playmaker slotted in between De Gea’s legs for a quickfire fifth, while creating two chances for the Bosnian striker in the space of 2 minutes, both of which he fluffed. And if this wasn’t enough for stoppage time, we witnessed a moment of dazzling magic which showcased the pure skill, technique and vision the Spaniard possessed, manifesting into a controlled touch and defense-splitting through ball for Edin Dzeko to put the final nail into the coffin in stunning fashion, enabling pin-drop silence amongst the United faithful who watched on a majestic performance from City. Not only a statement for the club’s pursuit of the title, but also a showcase of the brilliance City acquired for what now seemed like a meagre £24m bargain.

Silva’s volleyed through-ball finished off a seismic day in English football

And the rest of the season is a story of football fables, throughout which David contributed with his share of integral assists and a few important goals. A slick goal against Bayern Munich in the Champions League is also worthy of remembrance, unlike City’s UCL campaign that season. He totaled his tally to 21 assists and 8 goals overall. Noteworthy praises included Roberto Mancini holding his midfielder on the same level as legendary Spaniard compatriots Xavi and Iniesta, while football elites the likes of Andy Cole and Earl Barrett also praised him. He rightfully earned a player of the month nomination for his fantastic performances in October, entry to the PFA Team of the Year and of course, the legendary Premier League title Manchester City won in which he played an instrumental part.

Season 12/13

As with all elite City players, El Mago too, had his fair share of injury problems, missing a few crucial games along the way. Despite the tempo reduced, Silva managed 13 assists and 5 goals in a season where even his best attempts couldn’t do much in a campaign which was a massive road bump.

Season 13/14

Despite a bouncy start to life in the Premier League, the charming Manuel Pellegrini led the Sky Blues to their second Premier League title in two years, along with success in the group stages of the UEFA Champions League. During the Chilean’s reign, Silva played a freelance creative role of an attacking playmaker; a breath of fresh air from the increasingly flaccid offensive tactics employed by Mancini the previous season. Fernandinho’s defensive duties and Yaya Toure’s dynamic range in the middle allowed the no. 21 to drift to either side of the pitch, often playing slick one-twos with fullbacks and attackers and finding himself in more offensive positions than before, resulting in goals. An engineer by profession, Pellegrini’s intricate tactics involving space manifested into Silva’s gameplay, who scored 3 and assisted 3 in his first seven games (until injuries marred his run of form).

Standout performances came between March and April. Man of the match against Hull City, the quintessential Silva-esque performance resulted in total control of the game and slick gameplay associated with City’s ‘typical style’. He scored a wonder-goal and assisted in the 2-0 victory, an important catalyst for the club’s change of form at a very crucial stage of the season. An attempt-for-a-comeback against an unlucky loss against Liverpool was also inspired by the playmaker to bring City back into the game, which they ended up losing 3-2. Ultimately, tides turned, and City won the double in inspiring fashion as Silva ended the season with 8 goals and 16 assists. He was exponentially recognizable and discussed as an instrumental figure in City’s prominent rise.

Season 14/15

4 years of consistency revered by fans along with the Citizens entering the realm of ‘top’ clubs in the world, influenced El Mago to sign a five-year contract extension to everyone’s delight. Perhaps the most you would see him featured in the media, for he generally avoided the spotlight like a silent knight, often minding his own business. This quality in itself, so rare in the glamorous world of sport, invoked a fascinating sense of mystery to his personality.

He was enjoying a more central role under Pellegrini this season around, playing a no.10 role. He started the campaign yet again in brilliant fashion with a goal against West Bromwich Albion. While the season on a whole failed to garner any trophies for Manchester City, David’s individual brilliance shone like a diamond, notching 12 goals (a personal best) and 14 assists. Newcastle United and West Bromwich seemed to be his favorite opposition as he collectively racked 5 goals and 2 assists in all 4 fixtures in the league. He garnered plenty of praise from top pundits and players alike, sharing common awe for Silva’s effortless fluency in this sport. The playmaker’s goal against West Ham United in October embodies this awe. He took it upon himself to re-ignite City’s lack of attacking flair in the game and went head-on towards the Hammers defense. He weaved into the penalty box with a classic dribble leaving two players stunned and then curled a shot into the corner, all in a moment of utter smoothness as if watching soap glide across a wet tiled surface.

Season 15/16

A Premier League season which stood apart for an underdog title win in the form of Leicester City, the blue side of Manchester finished a dull 4th place, sharing points with their red counterpart. The Spaniard too, as if fortunes connected, encountered road bumps. An injury to the internal lateral ligament of the right ankle while playing for Spain reduced the Silva-esque flexibility, noticeable in plenty of games. There was some success for the midfielder, as City lifted the EFL Cup and reached the semi-final stage of the Champions League, the furthest they had reached for a very long time. Unfortunately, Silva’s presence in the second leg could have proven beneficial for the usually threatening Citizens falling meek against Spanish giants Real Madrid.

2016 proved a year that touched upon Silva’s fighting spirit during testing times, relentlessly battling a long-term ankle injury to the extent of pain-killer usage – all for his love for football and desire to contribute in a rough patch. There was a nagging doubt amongst the masses that the Spanish midfielder was losing touch, with the injury taking its toll. But he battled on, as collective respect for the Spaniard increased to unimaginable levels. As a visionary, he is naturally a fighter too.

Perhaps a part of a faltering season came in the mid-season announcement translating to Pep Guardiola taking over Manchester City’s fortunes and replacing Manuel Pellegrini in a slight helter-skelter fashion. Aside from the usual excitement of an incoming manager of legendary status, fans awaited a Spanish-to-Spanish spark between David and Pep in the coming seasons.


Transition. Plenty of it. For the staff, for the players and for Pep himself. Let’s call this an experimental season, as player positions and starting 11s were regularly tweaked to fit the tiki-taka philosophy of the Spanish manager. This meant David Silva’s role in the squad saw some changes, in sync with Pep’s philosophies and the fading no. 10 role in football, which needed some adaptation from players. Perhaps the only thing consistent since City’s inception of dominance was Silva being at the heart of it. Only, the 30-year-old had to adapt to newer positions and newer responsibilities while keeping his style the very same, just like Andres Iniesta for Barcelona under Pep himself.

Merlin was used to playing wide or as an attacking midfielder right behind the forwards under Manuel Pellegrini, but then shifted to a deeper role under Guardiola. Priorities slightly changed -- with emphasis on tempo dictation, defense-into-attack transition and buildup play, letting De Bruyne play the more creative role upfront. Pep’s experimentations, like a scientist acquiring new chemicals, also meant they switched roles in various occasions midway.

Experimental philosophies and transition meant our midfielder could only be involved in 19 goals throughout the season in all competitions. But on the pitch, the transition was proving to be successful. David thrived under this new role, and next season awaited fans and players alike.



Incoming one of Citizens’ most successful Premier League campaigns by far, where the jigsaw pieces of Pep’s ideologies fit perfectly in. The manager’s reliance on beautiful, eye-pleasing football meant a reliance on Silva in the thick of this action, the football field his canvas. Sporting a new Pep-inspired hairdo, his sublime talent manifested into a double against Swansea and Stoke, an important Derby goal, and a goal against Arsenal in the EFL Cup Final. He also notched 14 assists for the season, pretty well for a player in his position adapting to extra defensive duties as well as dictating play in the middle of the park. All Pep sung were praises for El Mago.

Alas, a bittersweet family moment tested David Silva to his extreme; his son was prematurely born. A worrying situation, for he was the last person in the world you’d imagine would deserve to go through a situation like this. But for years of dedicated service and contribution, the least City could do and did very well, was give the midfielder an understanding shoulder and indefinite time off to be there for his family. I still remember the day I was scrolling through Twitter which read the heart-shattering news and Silva’s rushed presence to the hospital. My fists clenched tight for prayers.

But fighting spirits don’t come better than this. Merlin stayed strong for his son Mateo and regularly turned up to Manchester to feature for games despite the indefinite layoff allowed. In stressing times like this, in his words ‘he found joy on the pitch, where all the worries disappeared’. Rushed phone-calls in the dressing room and mental stress arrived, but David didn’t shy away from contributing to City’s rampant form and title pursuit; a true hero!

And the outpour of deserved love and well-wishes during the game against Spurs, which David and his girlfriend Yessica watched on his iPad from the hospital, helped him weather the storm with warm strength. Our prayers were answered soon, and Mateo was successfully born (and what a cute baby he was!). Tackling these personal problems gave a new perspective, for which Silva was rewarded with a 100-point Premier League campaign.

He was nominated for the PFA Premier League player of the Year for his inspiring performances and a dominating title win, but predictably falling victim to the agenda like many others of the City faithful as he ended up merely a nominee and not a winner. This article hopefully, does the job of bringing his performances and abilities to light, moving past tangible individual achievements over consistent impact on the footballing world. For all the silverware, it was compassion during the toughest times which Silva remembers, the club remembers, and of course the fans remember. It was a golden season indeed!

Moreover, a contract extension till 2020 was a welcome sight to the delight of everyone associated with city, placing a cherry on an appetizing season.

Mateo Silva and David Silva step on the pitch together (Picture Courtesy: bbc.com)